Cleanest Water

Fresh Water from the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt.

Woods Bay Winery imports water from the ocean's conveyor belt that moves through the Atlantic.

Interestingly enough, no winery ever talks about the water that they use in producing their wine.

Most all water today is polluted.  In looking for the least polluted water, many wineries use filtered or purified water that still has minerals in it (or they add minerals) for the fermenting process.  Yeast cannot survive without minerals in the water.

Our water comes from extraordinarily deep ocean current filled with fresh water from melted glaciers in Greenland and Iceland.  The water sinks to the ocean floor due to the differences in salinity, density and weight.  This is when the water begins its 1000 year journey flowing through oceans around the globe.  Along the way, it travels over underwater volcanic fissures, soaking up beneficial electrolytes and minerals.

Woods Bay Winery imports this water from the ocean's conveyor belt that moves through the Atlantic as part of the thermohaline circulation (also called the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt), the regular pattern by which seawater travels the world's oceans.

The water in the Global Oceanic Conveyor Belt circulates because of differences in water density, which are caused by differences in temperature and salinity. Colder water is denser than warmer water, while saltier water is denser than less salty water or fresh water.  Water heated near the Equator travels at the surface of the ocean north into cold high latitudes where it becomes cooler.  As it cools, it becomes denser and sinks to the deep ocean. More warm surface water flows in to take its place, cools, sinks and the pattern continues.

Naturally pure water sourced 3,000 feet below the ocean surface. Rich in electrolytes: Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride, Calcium, and Sodium for deep hydration.  All natural with nothing added.  Pure and renewable ionically charged deep ocean water.

This is the cleanest water on the planet with minerals naturally added as it travels through the oceans, perfectly pH balanced for the wine yeast to thrive for the best wine.