Nikita The Wine Rock Star


Born on March 9th, 2012, Nikita loves to meet the visitors when they come to our wine tasting especially if they have children. She loves children.

She is adamant about tasting all of the wines and gives us her approval if they are good. If she doesn't finish her wine and walks away in disgust, we discard the entire batch. It gets expensive this way, but after all, she knows best, and we're not about to question her.

You can Facebook Nikita because she always has something to say.

Facebook: 'Nikita, the Wine Rock Star' 



Nikita the German Shepherd in drivers seat of truck

"Now how am I supposed to get this rig through that little gate?" 


Nikita the German Shephard in Drivers seat navigating through gate

"And yes...I do have my CDL."